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First cutting Orchardgrass hay in 45-50lb 2-string bales. Great hay for animals with above average nutritional needs, including pregnant or nursing animals. 1st cutting hay will see some stem and heads while maintaining a green color, good texture, and smell.



Quality 1st cutting Timothy hay in 40-45lb 2-string bales is traditionally one of the top choices for feeding various types of performance horses. Grown in Southern Pennsylvania, this hay is clean timothy cut at optimum maturity. It is green, sweet smelling and will have minimal brown leaf.


First Cutting Timothy/Orchardgrass

1st cutting Timothy/Orchardgrass hay in 45-50lb 2-string bales in a great hay for animals with greater nutritional needs. This blend combines the great fiber content of Timothy hay with the desirable smell and nutrition of Orchardgrass hay.


Second Cutting Timothy/Orchardgrass Mix

Premium 2nd cut Timothy/Orchardgrass hay in 45-50lb 2 string bales is used by a variety of farms or animals that require soft highly palatable hay. Alpacas, goats and older horses love this hay because there is very little stem and all leaf. The hay is green, soft, sweet smelling.



High quality Alfalfa/Orchardgrass hay in 2 string bales in used in a variety of ways from feeding older horses to pregnant horses, goats, or alpacas. 2nd or 3rd cuttings of Alfalfa/Orchardgrass will show lots of leaf and very little stem. The hay is green, soft, and sweet smelling. Alfalfa content can range anywhere from 60% to 40% depending on varieties in stock.



1st cutting Fescue hay in 45lb 2-string bales is the most commonly fed hay in our area. This is great maintenance hay for all types of animals. Fescue is not suitable for any pregnant or nursing animals!